Boys Fast Fours & Free Boys Open Gym!

Free Boys Open Gym 
7th-12th Grades
Dates:1/19, 1/26, 2/2
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Building I (Metro)
Boys Fast Fours
Cost: $20 per team, $5/athlete
Dates: 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Building I (Metro)

Fast 4’s is played with a total of 4 teams on each court at a time. 2 teams will be on the court while the others will be waiting their turn outside the court, one on each side of the court. Which team will start where is determined by a draw. Each rally will start with a serve from the team on one of sides. Each team is free to pick which player will serve.

If a team on one side wins the rally, they score a point and will receive a serve from the new team coming on the other side while the losing team leaves the court.  They will have to wait their turn to serve again when the team on their side loses the rally. Each team will stay on their own sides.  If there’s a situation when two teams end with the same number of points at the end of a round, the tie will be broken with rock paper scissors.

The end of each round is determined by the whistle. This means at the end of the rally, points will still be awarded to the current rally if it has not finished. The 2 teams with the lowest scores at the end of each round will stay on the lower court while the top 2 teams move up a court. On the top court, the top 2 teams stay while the 2 lowest scoring teams move down one court. All other courts will move 2 teams up and 2 teams down.

  • Rounds: — 20 mins play