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Welcome to OMNI Volleyball Club, our program is a culture driven community focused on developing resilient, determined athletes who thrive in competitive environments. Our athletes are taught high level skills and strategies while fortifying their abilities to communicate and collaborate with others. We seek to support growth of each athlete and empower them with these tools to be successful on and off the court.

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At OMNI Volleyball, our foremost objective is to create an exceptional learning environment for student-athletes. We are committed to offering a structured and highly technical program that not only hones their volleyball skills but also places a strong emphasis on values such as effective communication, seamless collaboration, and healthy competition. Our approach goes beyond the game itself; we believe these core values are essential for personal growth and success both within and outside the volleyball arena.

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Our committed athletes are living proof that OMNI Volleyball can take you places. With our structured, highly technical environment, we prepare you not just for the game but for life. We emphasize the values of communication, collaboration, and competition because we believe they're the building blocks of success. As you train with us, you'll not only become a formidable volleyball player but also a well-rounded person poised for future achievements.

Bethany Disilvestro '21

Trinity International University

Olivia Keller '21

California Polytechnic State University

Margaret O’Brien '21

American River College

Ashley Magley '21

University of California Santa Cruz

Rein Bocage '21

Holy Names University

Chloe Henning '21

San Francisco State University

Matalasi Danielson '21

Long Beach State University

Ellie Eichhorn '21

United States Air Force Academy

Kailee Mclaughlin '21

Cedarville University

Maddie Boerstra '21

San Jose State University

Jordyn Moriarty '21

Point Loma Nazarene University

Annabelle Thalken '21

California Polytechnic State University

Kenadie Patterson '22

Pepperdine University

Eliza Hakes '22

Utah Valley University

Natalie Colfescu '22

Durham University England

Alexis Adebodun '22

Sierra College

Abby Kadillak '22

Sacramento State University

Emma Johnson '22

University of California Davis

Savannah Risley '22

Sacramento State University

Emalie Depew '22

Central Wyoming University

Emily Child '23

California State University Monterey Bay

Sophia Garza '23

San Francisco State University

Maddy Walker '23

Southern Utah University

Morgan Wilding '23

Northwest Nazarene University

Mackenzie Godden '23

Central Washington University

Celestine Hayes '23

American River College

Jasmin Silva '23

American River College

Alexa Watts '23

Murray State University

Francesca Hahn '23

California State University Stanislaus

Leilani Yang '23

Cedar Crest University

Jessica Ortiz '24

Chico State University

Amiah Cornejo '24

Concordia University Irvine

Hadlee Gray '24

San Francisco State University

Mara Ellis '24

Pacific University

Emma Watkins '24

San Francisco State University

Morgan Hayes '24

Santa Clara University

Dorsey Booth '24

University of Alaska Anchorage

Tessa Schouten '24

Saint Mary's

Evelyn Hendrix '24

Saint Mary's

Emilie Thoreson '24

Lewis & Clarke College

Ashley Chiong '24

California State University San Marcos

Malia Tanksley '24

California State Stanislaus

Kelsey Magley '24

Chapman University

Grace Stone '24

California State University Northridge

Faith Rabb-Patterson '25

University of California Davis

Mackenzie Murphy '25

Oral Roberts University

Lillian Rix '25

San Francisco State University

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So, are you ready to become the next success story at OMNI Volleyball? Join us, and let's embark on a journey together. Together, we'll shape you into a confident, skilled, and well-rounded athlete who is ready to conquer both the game and life's challenges. Your future with OMNI is bright, and we can't wait to welcome you into our family.

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