Mindset Matters

Taylor (TJ) Jacky is the owner and founder of Mindset Matters Coaching. The mission of the company is to provide tools to help student-athletes manage their everyday pressures, stressors, and challenges in sport and in life. The tools that are taught are centered around the transferrable skills that athletes need while playing their sport and in life after sport. Each lesson has actionable takeaways that athletes can implement right away centered around the company’s philosophy- their best is enough.
The lessons cover concepts from leadership development to learning about personal triggers that paralyze athletes when they perform. Mindset Matters Coaching has worked with a range of athletes in multiple sports and levels of play. From collegiate sports to middle school athletes, mindset can always be practiced.
“TJ has worked with our NCAA D1 team, and our student-athletes raved about it! Not only did they love it, but there were tangible results. The concepts TJ presented to them came up in team meetings and practices, and it made us better. I recommend Mindset Matters Coaching to any coach, individual, or team.”
      - Robert Browning, Head coach of Saint Mary’s College Women’s Volleyball team